The Gospel is The Greatest Story Ever. Found in God’s Word, the Gospel covers every aspect of our lives. It explains everything about us. It gives us a reason why things are the way they are and gives us direction for how we should live. It is applicable to every person at every moment throughout time. Even though the Gospel encapsulates all of the human experience, it’s most poignantly on display today through the ways it changes people individually. Each and every one of us who are Christians had a moment in time when the Gospel became effective towards the saving of our souls when we passed from death to life. This salvation story is sometimes referred to as our personal testimony.

In order to magnify God’s glory in our lives and in our church, The Greatest Story Ever Project will seek to collect the written testimonies of Shenandoah members and missionaries to be bound and published over the next few months. Each page will contain an example of how The Greatest Story Ever became real for one from our church and how it has changed their life.

The Greatest Story Ever Project Details:

Submissions should include (as applicable):

Your life before Christ (not to glorify your past but to glorify God for what He pulled you from). The length of this section may vary based on your age at salvation.

The salvation moment: Where were you? Who was there? What led up to your decision? How did you feel? What do you remember thinking or feeling at that moment?

What specific Scripture, preacher, event, circumstance or crisis did God use to bring you to Himself?

What promise from Scripture do you claim and hold on to for your salvation?

How have you grown in grace since coming to know Him? How has He used Shenandoah Baptist Church/RVCS/Camp Eagle to help you grow in your walk?

What are you most thankful for in regards to your salvation?

Submit your testimony via e-mail to Jackie Asbury ( or bring handwritten submissions to the church office. Submissions should be no more than 600 words.

Include a current photo of yourself along with a photo of you at the age/stage of life you were in when you got saved. (The photo does not need to be of you the moment you were saved. Rather, if you were saved at age 8, submit a photo of you as an 8 year-old).

Submissions may be edited for clarity and/or brevity to conform to publishing needs. By submitting your testimony you are giving permission for it to be printed and included in a book to be published and sold to the Shenandoah membership and friends of the ministry.

Thank you for taking time to write down how The Greatest Story Ever became your story! What a blessing it will be to read several hundred accounts of the “power of God to salvation for everyone who believes…” Romans 1:16.