SBC Member Scholarship Form
for Roanoke Valley Christian Schools

Shenandoah Baptist Church is fully committed to Christian Education and is aware of the significant financial investment placed on families who share this commitment. Therefore, through the gifts of faithful members, Shenandoah Baptist Church offers RVCS tuition scholarships to other faithful families who are dedicated to Christian Education, as well as, to the ministries of Shenandoah Baptist Church.

Before being considered for a member scholarship, it is required that the parents or guardians be members of Shenandoah Baptist Church.

Please carefully review the below qualifications and prayerfully consider your eligibility to receive the scholarship. Our desire is to provide a scholarship to those families who fully support the ministries of Shenandoah Baptist Church. It is our responsibility to be wise stewards of the funds with which we have been entrusted and provide scholarships only to those deserving families. In order to ensure the availability of funds, and the eligibility of the applicants, the Financial Management Group uses the information you provide to determine the member scholarship.  It would be our privilege to counsel with those who are unable to meet these guidelines but desire to do so.

Shenandoah Baptist Church bases the Scholarship grants on the following criteria. The amount of scholarship granted (UP TO 25%) is based upon your ministry participation.

In acknowledgment of the above, if you desire to be considered to receive a portion of the scholarship funds available, please sign below. By signing this I/We verify that to the best of our knowledge we have answered this form truthfully to the best of our ability.

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