Pray and Care Commitment

Commit to Pray
Prayer is the most vital aspect of Shenandoah's World Missions ministry. As we commit ourselves to becoming effective in world missions we must advance on our knees. Shenandoah is calling upon all members to commit to support our world missions staff in prayer.  If every Shenandoah member prays an average of just three minutes per day for world missions, we will reach our goal of ONE MILLION MINUTES of missions focused prayer.  To encourage our missionaries and help us know how many are praying, please complete and submit the prayer commitment form.  Everyone submitting a prayer commitment form will receive prayer requests fresh from the mission field.

Commit to Care
Of all the obstacles our missionaries face, some of the greatest are loneliness, discouragement and separation from family and friends. In many cases you, the church family, are the only family our missionary staff may have. They often share their desire and need for friendship and appreciation. One missionary said "What we need are people cheering us on, encouraging us, and praying for us. We need to have our church family welcome us when we are home with a spirit that spurs us on."  You can be that encouragement! Technology has made our world smaller enabling us to connect with our staff like never before. Would you consider adopting a small group of missionaries and commit to praying for them, contacting them and being part of their personal "care team"? Would you pray about heading up such a team? Your care could be the difference between a missionary staying to fight the good fight or coming home defeated and discouraged.

Prayer Commitment
In dependence upon the Lord, I choose to pray regularly for the World Missions ministry of Shenandoah Baptist Church.  In an effort to care for and encourage our missionary staff, I choose to learn more about how I can support those serving in foreign lands by:

  • Joining a missionary care team

  • Attending a meeting to hear more about care teams

  • Leading a missionary care team