Are you considering the mission field, but don't know how to get there?
You need a MAP.

What is MAP?

Shenandoah's Missions Apprenticeship Program (MAP) is designed to take you from the ease and comfort of your home to the front lines of missionary service.  MAP will prepare, train, motivate, encourage, and challenge you for service on the mission field.

How Does MAP work?

When you begin your MAP apprenticeship, an Associate Pastor will be assigned to form a Nurturing Team. The purpose of the Nurturing Team is to personally mentor and encourage you as you seek to find God's place of service for your life. This Nurturing Team will maintain regular contact with you, pray faithfully for you, disciple you, and encourage you in personal devotion, Godly living, and ministry involvement.

A vital part of your getting to and success on the mission field will be the prayer support of family and friends. Your Nurturing Team will teach you how to build a team of prayer warriors who regularly intercede for and encourage you as you prepare your life for missions service. You will regularly communicate prayer requests to those praying for you.

The MAP will prepare and train you for the mission field. You will attend Missions Leadership Team meetings, watch missions videos and read missions books, and participate in local, regional, and international short-term missions trips. This and more will help you better understand:
The Biblical basis for missions

  • SBC's missions philosophy and practice
  • How to prepare for missions service
  • Where to get the training necessary for missions service
  • How to get to the mission field
  • Where the greatest needs are in the world
  • How to minister cross-culturally
  • What it is like on the mission field

Who can enter MAP?

MAP is for anyone between the ages of 10 and 99 interested in serving God in missions. MAP will help you decide whether God is calling you to the mission field and, if He is, how to get there. It is not for wimps! Are you ready?

How Do I Get Involved in MAP?

If you would like to be involved in the MAP, either as an Apprentice (one being trained) or as a Mentor (willing to be trained as a trainer), please contact Jackie Asbury, (540) 366-2431, for more information.



Additional Information:


Adults with a heart for missions are needed to serve as Missions Mentors in Shenandoah's Missions Apprenticeship Program.  A Missions Mentor is one who prays for, encourages, and disciples young people (Apprentices) exploring God's call to missions.  Responsibilities include:

  • Praying for the Apprentice on a regular basis
  • Personal contact with the Apprentice on a regular basis to encourage and pray for them
  • Assisting the Apprentice in building a Prayer Support Team
  • Offering practical advice and encouragement to the Apprentice
What Qualifications are Needed To Serve As A Missions Mentor?

The primary requirement for a Missions Mentor is a heart for missions. As a Missions Mentor, you will serve alongside the Mentor and an Associate Pastor. You will have the opportunity to learn more about missions and Shenandoah's approach to missions. You will be given recommended missions biographies, books and articles.  You will be given all the tools and information you need to serve.

How Can I Become a Missions Mentor?

To become a Missions Mentor, contact Jackie Asbury, (540) 366-2431, for more information.