Pray for Sam & Susan John

Servants in India

Praise the Lord:

  • For Purnima.  Her husband allowed her to return home and he seems to have mellowed out! Purnima has begun discipling another friend, Ria, who is very interested in the Gospel. 

  • Pastor Chinni’s seven-year-old daughter is doing well, so far.  She is suffering from blood cancer and the doctors have pretty much given up all hope.


  • For the team from SBC that will spend a few days in India. Pray especially for the one-day seminar for the ladies which will be held in Jaipur.

  • For travel mercies.  Some travel plans are causing some concerns in one sector. Pray this would be overcome and their visit would be highly beneficial to all!

  • For the graduation and our Pastor’s Conference. Pray for all the folks who will travel from other countries and states. Pray there would be no unexpected situations from any quarter! 

  • For Stephen and Simon who are preparing themselves for their final examinations in their respective classes.

  • For the protection from seasonal viral infections that have spread in our areas due to a sudden change in the weather.