Pray for Bobby & Linnet Gupta

Servants at Hindustan Bible Institute in India


  • For our upcoming pastors conference, August 19-24. 

  • For three speakers to join the existing task force. Pray God will bring them to us. 

  • For the pastors as they travel to Chennai. Pray they will not be hindered from coming.  Pray for safe travels and for them to come with great expectations.

  • The Lord will keep us from losing sight of the vision and seek God in how to accomplish the same. 

  • For good weather and good health of all participants in the pastors conference.

  • For the speakers as they prepare for the ministry of our conference. 

  • For the planning team as they make all the necessary arrangements to house, feed, host the sessions, minister, enable worship and translation for every session during the conference sessions. 

  • For the translators and clarity as the speakers teach the word. 

  • For our college students.  Pray their hearts will be ripe and ready to hear the word of God.