Pray for Sam & Sadie DOHERTY

Servants with CEF, World-wide Book Ministry

Praise the Lord

· 2,500 sets of our series of 20 visualized lessons on the doctrine of salvation, Salvation the Gift of God, have been printed in Pakistan, in the Urdu language, and are being distributed to churches all over that country. Pray many children in that difficult land will, through these lessons, learn great truths about our Savior and His salvation and put their trust in Him.

· Our internet facility has been busy with many hundreds of people downloading our digital books in English. Others request real books and these are being shipped to them from the CEF Headquarters in the USA. Pray God will use all these materials to help teachers evangelize children effectively and attractively.

· Our health continues to improve.

Pray for Sam as he continues to work on the 365-page book of doctrinal devotionals for young people.