Missionary Focus

John Gee
Servant in China


  • For the overall security and political situation in China as new laws on religious affairs started in February and new Constitutional revisions were passed.  There are some reports on tightened policy towards churches and children’s ministry in some provinces.  I saw an official document issued by a Beijing district office to survey non-registered Christian gathering places.  This is the first time in my experience with Beijing.  We pray the Lord will wake up the Church in China in this context to bring witnesses for Him.
  • We had a busy February/March schedule. The whole month was spent in conferences and training events.  We had two back-to-back events on holistic transformation ministries and on member care.  Participants were very active in the events.  We pray to have more events in the country, regionally done, in order to save on travel cost and for security concerns.  We need more facilitators and funding for these initiatives.
  • For our son, Paul.  He is moving into a new class this semester.  He is working hard to improve his English.  He goes to bed about 2am every night.  Please pray for his future direction, for his personal relationship with the Lord, and for fruitful school work and testimony before God.
  • For our ministries.  We are realigning them as God has directed us.  We are recruiting a few more workers.  Please pray for God’s provision.  Pray for Michelle, who is taking over many responsibilities for me.  Thank God for preparing Michelle for this transition!