Keeping In Touch

Letters of thanks

Thank you to the best church family for all of the thoughts, prayers and visits!  Your love and support has meant the world to me. - Barbara Mullen (02/07/2018)

Dear Shenandoah Family,  I want to thank everyone for their cards, calls and letters during my illness.  The prayers and support have meant so much.  I have never experienced anything like it.  I can tell you my walk with the Lord has been amazing.  I knew He was real but had not seen how truly real He is!  I look forward to being back in services soon!  With much love - Melissa Puckett and family (11/22/2017)

Dear Shenandoah Friends,  Nothing is too difficult for our Lord!  We cannot thank you enough for all your prayers, cards, visits, calls, etc... I am doing well, the answer to your prayers, I am breathing better, sleeping more. One night in ICU at UVa I thought I could not continue but the Lord was and is in control..."Praise the Lord" - Ted Westmoreland (11/2017)

Dear Church Members:  Trust you had a good missions conference.  We were praying for you.  We want you to know we appreciate you folks very much. Thank you for your faithful gift each month.  - Norman & Linda Keefe (11/10/2017)

Dear Pastors & Church Family,  Words cannot begin to express how thankful we are to God for your prayers and support for ICCD.  We truly enjoyed being present for the missions conference last week.  You guys always take wonderful care of us and we are so blessed by your out-pouring of God's love.  Thank you so much!  With much love and blessings - Tom & Debbie Turner and Kayla Rohr  (11/07/2017)

Thank you to everyone for prayers and support as we lost my husband David’s mother, Pat Dotson. Also thank you to the staff for the beautiful kalanchoe and sympathy cards.  We are adjusting to a new normal and pray that family will be at peace with her passing especially as the holidays approach.  - Lainey Dotson (11/09/2017)

To the Shenandoah Family:

Claudine sincerely thanks our church family for the many prayers during the uncertainty of diagnosing her Vestibular Vertigo.  Symptoms were problematic as similar to that of a stroke. Therapy often readily takes care of stabilizing the 'loose crystals' within the inner ear.  - Love in His Name, Sandra Crawford (10/10/2017)


New Members

Caleb Akers
of Troutville

Joel & Megan Calfee
of Fincastle

Matt & Beth Farnsworth
of Roanoke

Diane Charlton
of Roanoke

Jason & Heather Craft
of Roanoke

Birth Announcements

Ezekiel James Chapman - Nov. 19
Son of Kirk & Alicia

Church Family Deaths

Zane Altice - January 26
Husband of Jean Altice

Jane Murphy - January 25
Mother of Reatha Sanburn (Wayne)

Edwin Gray - January 18
Brother of Jane Anderson (Jim)

Artie Halsey - January 18
Husband of Claudine Halsey
Father of Dale Halsey (Susan)
Father of Sandra Crawford (Bobby)
Father of Dave Halsey (Cynthia)

Bob Gardner - January 17
Husband of Cathy Gardner
Father of Ashley Townsend (Brad)

Harold Meadows - January 10
Father of Susie Amos

Evelyn Fender - January 12
Mother of Donna Osborne (Bob)

Calvin Bower - December 21
Member of SBC

Marie Pillow - December 18
Charter Member of SBC

Jim Wilson - December 14
Father of Josh Wilson (Lorrie)

Cordie Taylor - December 4
Sister of Dorothy Browning

Doug Cronise - November 30
Brother of Steve Cronise (Linda)