Deacon Approval

The Deacons of Shenandoah Baptist Church are servants who assist the Elders and Pastors of the church in ministering to the needs of the congregation. Deacons serve under the oversight of Shenandoah’s Elders and Pastors. Because they are serving in a Biblical office of the New Testament local church, the men who are appointed to serve as Deacons must be men who are above reproach in their personal, family, church, business, civic, and social life. They must be men who adhere to the church's Statement of Faith; who give themselves in service to others; who harbor no unconfessed sin; who quickly and Biblically confront broken relationships; who take unpopular stands for the cause of rightness; and who faithfully support by service, testimony, prayer, participation, attendance, finances, deportment, and vision the various ministries of the church. The Biblical qualifications for a Deacon (and his wife) are found in I Timothy 3:8-12. The Elders now present the following names for possible Deacon service to the church. Members of the church are asked to state their approval or disapproval by marking below. Any church member having a reason to disapprove the appointment of any Deacon below should check the appropriate box and then privately share the reason for disapproval with the Pastor or one of the Elders.

James Deskins (Sara) *
Zac Hellkamp (Rebekah) *
Steve Jacobs (Christy) *
James Radford (Emily) *
Victor Roberts (Angie) *

All anonymous disapprovals will be disregarded.

Responses must be received in the church office by Friday, January 18, 2019. Please

mail your response to the Elders of Shenandoah Baptist Church, P.O. Box 7010,

Roanoke, VA 24019. You can also return it personally to a Pastor or Elder, or

deposit it in the offering plate during a worship service.